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The Fox experiment beginsNov 30th 2000 | MEXICO CITY
From The Economist print edition Mexico's new president has had five months to think about how he will govern. He has some answers—but there are some questions too
EVERYTHING about the man, the moment, his task—and even, it seems, his inauguration ceremony—is big. At last, five months after his historic election victory which ended seven decades of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI), Vicente Fox was due to be sworn in as Mexico's new president on December 1st. He planned to make the most of it: the inauguration bash will last three days and cover four cities. That says much about how he sees his new job. "I am going to be campaigning; I'm going to carry on for six years," Mr Fox explained. After six years of Ernesto Zedillo, a dull, honest technocrat, the first change awaiting Mexicans is one of political marketing. At 6 feet 5 inches (196 cms), Mr Fox, a rancher and former state governor and Coc…