Affichage des articles du avril 25, 2006


ALLO MES AMI(E)S!!! HOLA AMIGOS (copia en espaniol adjunta al final del mensaje) I write you -even though I wanted to do so BEFORE easter vacations but nonetheless, here it is- with an interesting proposition to make. Not to be long and tiring with the reasons that motivate me to do this, I want to propose to you, each one of you, the creation of a Post-card net. What is this? It is very simple: If you are willing to make the compromise of sending me a postcard whenever or eventually when you travel in the future during vacations or anything, then YOU ARE IN! I in exchange will send you postcards from the places I visit, wether in beautiful Mexico or during my exchange in Europe. You know I do it. You might think of it as odd, trivial, irrelevant, old-fashioned or simply weird and nuts -I know-, but I tell you it is nice when you receive a postcard from far, for you think of the people who sent it. Furthermore, I believe it is a nice custom -which I practice- and allows you to keep in tou…